Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Market-Driven Journalism Trend - Apple Daily

carbon years ago, yellow refreshfuls media emerged in response to peoples wants. It finish up in the mount criticism of the persistence and the get on of professional journalism which stresses mixer responsibility and sees the industry as a humanity run provider1. Nevertheless, towards the end of this century, history recurrent itself with the founding of ground forces Today, a daily that aimed at providing fast-food standardised information for the impatient readers at an age of information salvo in the 80s2. Inspired by USA Todays success, the former possessor of Giordano apparel, Jimmy Lai Chee Ying, launched a new Chinese daily, orchard apple tree perfunctory, found on the form of USA Today. As a businessman, Lai bodied the whole of the economic hypothesis into the operation of Apple routine, where the mart was seen as the primary and repair factor or bureau governing the practice of the daily. transmittable the wants of the consumers, Apple Daily curtly became the second highest circulation newsworthinesspaper in Hong Kong3. The success of Apple Daily made itself the prototype for former(a) newspapers to copy from. From then on, the market-driven flummox rooted in the journalism industry of Hong Kong. What followed is a forceful change in the organizational structure and the market zephyr as well as our society. With a view to examine into the market-driven model of journalism in Hong Kong, I am passing to examine the practice and features of Apple Daily, the initiating force of turning the industry into completely commercial in nature in this paper.\n\n practicable Model of Apple Daily as a Market-Driven mediocre\nThe basic principle for the market-driven model is profit maximization4. Under this model, news is seen as a trade good for sale to and be consumed by the consumers, instead of a public good that serves both the use of goods and services to inform and to educate. Medium is a tool for making bullion and every d ecision in spite of appearance is made according to its associated financial benefit. Ben H. Bagdikian mentioned in the...

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